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The Institute for Mechanical Systems is committed to a long-term sustainable development of our society by delivering cutting-edge education and research in the broad field of mechanics and materials. On many axes of activities we consider systems from the small- to the large-scale, from basic research to applications using theoretical, computational and experimental approaches.

Research Groups

Prof. Chiara Daraio
Mechanics and Materials

Prof. Jürg Dual
Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics

Prof. George Haller
Nonlinear dynamical systems

Prof. Edoardo Mazza
Experimental continuum mechanics



Best Poster Award

Kilian Schillai, doctoral student in Prof. Edoardo Mazza’s group and member of the EMPA Laboratory “Mechanical Integrity of Energy Systems”, received a Best Poster Award for his poster “Thermal Treatments for Increased Fretting Fatigue Endurance of Overhead Electrical Conductors” at the CCMX Annual Meeting. Read more


Die grössten Schweizer Talente

Anton Bauhofer, doctoral student in Prof. Chiara Daraio's group, is a finalist in the SRF TV show "Die grössten Schweizer Talente". He has convinced the jury with his talent "Comedy-Jonglage". The final will be shown on Saturday, 9 April at 8.00 p.m. on SRF 1. Read more


Ernst-Blickle-Studienpreis 2015

Manuel Zündel, doctoral student in Prof. Edoardo Mazza’s group, was awarded the Ernst-Blickle-Studienpreis 2015 from the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation. Read more


Geodesic Transport Barriers in Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Alireza Hadjighasem’s and George Haller’s paper “Geodesic Transport Barriers in Jupiter’s Atmosphere: A Video-Based Analysis” has been featured in an article from SIAM. Read more


Dr. Sabrina Badir erfolgreich an Ideenwettbewerb "Falling Walls Lab"

Dr. Sabrina Badir, Pioneer Fellow in der Gruppe von Prof. E. Mazza, überzeugte die Jury beim bei internationalen Ideenwettbewerb «Falling Walls Lab». Sie entwickelte ein Gerät, mit dem sich das Risiko für Frühgeburten besser bestimmen lässt. Read more 

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