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The Institute for Mechanical Systems has developed over the last 30 years from a mainly theoretically oriented Institute into a competence center for various fields of mechanics. With ever more powerful computers and more efficient algorithms it is possible today to perform calculations relating to bigger and more complex systems (multi-body dynamics, finite element method). New possibilities arise from modern experimental methods, as well as new processes and technologies for fiber composites, micro and nanosystems, adaptive materials and intelligent structures.

Research focuses among other things in the simulation of multi-body systems, in the characterization of biological tissues, in micro and nanosystem technologies, in the manipulation of micro particles by optimized fluid structure interaction, and in material characterization through vibrations and ultrasound. Applied questions like the curve squealing of rail vehicles, the fatigue of turbine components or dynamic viscometry are also central.

Group Leads
Prof. Dr. Jürg Dual

Prof. Dr. George Haller

Prof. Dr. Dennis Kochmann

Prof. Dr. Edoardo Mazza

Prof. Dr. Dirk Mohr

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